The Laughter File...

The following stories and jokes have been sent to me from different sources throughout the world.


Australian Airlines have a sense of humour too, y'know!!

Good Bonus Scheme for ALL employees?

Women are just pure EVIL!!!

So, what sex is your PC?

So you think you know the woman in your life?

The start of a good old Christmas Tradition.

Just who is in charge?

The six affairs!

Have you ever wondered why...?

The Brainy Child's science exam

An Engineer's Mind!

How Many Dogs does it take to change a Light Bulb?

How the h*ll did we ever survive?!

Serious Compatibility Problems!

A Level of Insanity in the Workplace!

It's GOOD to be a bloke!

You know you've got a hangover when...

You know you're living in the 21st century when...

Life according to Billy!

Rules that Guys wish Girls knew!

The creation of a PUSSY! ***WARNING - MAY OFFEND! *** - ADULTS ONLY!!!

What exactly is a cat?

One Liners and Tags!

The Snake and the Bunny!

Tattoo your penis! - ADULTS ONLY!!!

A woman's prayer! - ADULTS ONLY!!!

Twas the Night before Xmas... - ADULT VERSION!!!

Winter Wonderland... - ADULT VERSION!!!

The Cat's Diary v the Dogs Diary!!!

Coming Soon!!!

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