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There are MANY reasons why I, like so many others out there, love vinyl! There is so much that you can do with vinyl and it is a lot sexier than CD. CDs are now trying to use gimmicks to tempt vinyl lovers to buy them... even going as far as making the CDs themselves look like vinyl; making them black and printing pretend grooves on them. But CD will never triumph over vinyl. The old crackle and hiss; the fear of scratching; the careful placing of the needle on the first groove - quickly lifting it back off and replacing it more carefully if you dared to enter the track too soon!
These are all quirks to vinyl and vinyl alone!

I've seen numerous great things done with LP covers (such as Alice Cooper making desks and wallets out of them) that you don't witness so much with other formats.
The following pages demonstrate another of the other finer points of vinyl... the picture disc! And YES, I know you also get CD picture discs... but, come on... it's just NOT the same!

The digital revolution is already signalling time on CD; with digital downloads now beating CD into submission... but vinyl will never die... it may melt; but it will never die! :-)

The following are some of my collection of picture discs... I hope you enjoy looking att them.

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Marillion! - The picture Discs!

Samantha Fox! - Gulp, erm... The picture Discs

Deep Purple! - The picture Discs

Michael Jackson! - The picture Discs

ZZ Top! - The picture Discs

Other Rock Males - The picture Discs

Other Rock Chicks! - The picture Discs

Other non-rock shaped! - The picture Discs

Other non-rock round discs! - The picture Discs

Worth a mention?! - The picture Discs


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