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My Favourite Photographs...

The pictures below are entitled 'My Favourite Photographs'. I thought it would be nice to start a collection of photographs sent in by fans as being their favourite photos of Judie Tzuke. Please note this is not a pin-ups gallery and the photographs may be favourite photographs because they contain special memories. Send your favourite photographs to davie.damnation@zetnet.co.uk for inclusion on this page, please remember to tell me why the photograph means so much to you.

If there is any amateur psychologists out there - please, we don't want to know what the pictures mean about us! :-)

Okay I'll start with my own, the one which starts the site. The photograph on the right was on the front of What Hifi magazine in 1982/3.

The picture was obviously from the same photo shoot as the Ritmo album cover but, with the exception of this photograph, all the photographs I've seen were in black and white - such as the 'Ritmo' sleeve, the 'Jeannie No' single and the 'Portfolio' album. I'd love to see more from this shoot if anyone knows of their whereabouts!

The photograph on the left was sent in by Tony Ryan.

Tony says he had a signed 4' x 6' version of it on his wall as a lad!

Why isn't it there now Tony?

The photograph on the right was sent to me by Chuck Padgett.

Now I don't know if it is actually his favourite - although I can think of a couple of reasons why it might be!

Click the picture for a larger scan.

The photograph, which was taken while Judie was touring the US with Elton John, appeared in CREEM Magazine in 1982.

Chuck has now contacted me to confirm that it is indeed his favourite picture, it was this photograph that convinced him to purchase his first Judie album, Sportscar, all those years ago.

Huw Knight has sent in the photograph on the left.

His favourite photograph as it proved quite an impressive first attempt at concert photography.

Huw was so happy with this photograph that he had it blown up to poster size, had it autographed by Judie, and now it takes pride of place in his house... in the downstairs toilet!?

The photograph was taken at the Gardener Arts Centre, Brighton, during the Wonderland tour. Probably while she was singing 'Water in Motion'! :-)

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